We have created 10,000+ copies for 100+ clients since 2013

SEO Copywriting Agency Proficient in 10 Languages

Just $60 per 1000 words in English. Minimum order: 20,000 words. Each piece of copy is reviewed by an editor and proofreader + checked with Grammarly Premium and LanguageTool Premium


We are the HandsWithPens SEO Copywriting Agency. For more than 10 years, we have been creating premium copy for international eCommerce brands, gambling and betting companies, and other content websites or blogs.

With our clients, we create unique, search-optimized content that can be pushed live without a second set of eyes. That means saving valuable time on proofreading copy you already paid for.

We specialize in lingual versatility, writing copy in English and other languages across Europe, which you can conveniently order from one place. We take over project management and oversee a team of dedicated copywriters and editors. HandsWithPens was formed to provide top-of-the-line content that helps our clients improve their SEO and climb the SERPs.

We work every day for those who want:

Our team of writers creates human content independently, without AI / ChatGPT or digital translation tools. Each team member has a minimum of 3 years of experience in their respective field and must use multiple verified professional sources.

HandsWithPens is made up of Ukrainian copywriters who are fully proficient in 10 different languages at the C1 level. That means they understand the intricacies of SEO copy and can create original, organic content that’ll rank where it matters most.


Contact us for the content you need. We require a clear writing brief, including whatever nuances you deem to be important, such as keywords or tone. With this information, our manager will consult you to ensure we can succeed together.

Our team of professional content writers specializes in:

Website & Blog Copy

Content that uplifts your online project or third-party blogs and outreach.


Articles written with relevant keywords to outperform competitors in Google and other search engines, maximizing quality traffic.

eCommerce Content

Categories and item cards, brand and product descriptions, making your online store more visible to search engines, so you can seamlessly attract new customers.

Sales Copy

Our specialized articles will highlight your audience’s problems and position your product or service as their ideal solution.

Gambling Content

Reviews of gambling platforms and their specific offers, expert articles for owners of thematic affiliate portals, and gambling-focused blogs.

Betting Content

Reviews of online bookmakers, their content, bonuses, and offers to direct traffic from the interested audience to the required betting sites.

Note: Our writers are strictly prohibited from using AI-based content generators, so every project is written from scratch and then goes through several stages of verification, including:

  1. Spelling & Grammar via Grammarly Premium and LanguageTool Premium
  2. Uniqueness & Originality via Copyscape, Quetext and Grammarly Plagiarism
  3. Overall Quality via a team leader with copywriting experience.
  4. Flow & Cohesion via a professional editor and language expert at the C1 level.

Request your free one-time test and experience how easy it can be to bring your ideas to life. Our agency will provide test projects from several authors so you can choose which style best fits your brand and long-term goals. We’ll even adjust your test project to visually incorporate your preferences via presentation and formatting.

Languages and Prices

The minimum order volume is 20,000 words at once or monthly. But feel free to inquire about custom orders with more flexible terms and volumes.

Be sure to ask about special pricing and working conditions for Ukrainian clients.

Language Price per 1000 words
English $60
Polish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and other European languages $80

We consider the geolocation of your projects and can write your copy in whichever language variant you’d like, including:

Why order content from HandsWithPens?

Our team creates copy for people, but we can also enhance your website’s search engine rankings so it appears when your customers need you.


Feel free to browse some copy we’ve created for various clients across multiple topics.



Let’s discuss your SEO goals! We are ready to manage all the content copywriting ourselves so that you can focus on developing your business.